How to get a Bunk card.

We have two membership cards to choose from.

  1. The standard 12 month card is now called the annual card and is available for the low price of only $20.00
  2. We also have a new 3 month card and it’s perfect if you’re only here for a limited time. It’s yours for just $10.00 (only available online).

Both cards afford you all the benefits and privileges of being a Bunk member.

You can buy a Bunk card directly through most of our Bunk hostels and begin saving from your first nights stay.

Alternatively you can purchase one from our online store. You will receive a downloadable voucher which you can redeem on our website at any time and we will post your card to a New Zealand address you nominate at no extra charge.

Annual Card 3 Month Card

Register your Bunk card

If you already have a Bunk card register it here and get your discount code sent to you.

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Redeem a Voucher

Redeem your voucher here and we'll send your new card off to you in no time.

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